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Simply Checking

A Checking Account Designed For You

Open My Account Budgeting Guide

checking built for you

feel like your current checking account is costing you money?

Access the flexibility and control of your finances with a Simply Checking account! Complete with a free contactless Visa debit card and 6 fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals a month, $50 is all it takes to open your account.

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"why do i need a checking account, anyways?"

When it comes to easily managing your everyday spending, you need to make sure you have the right account for your needs. Technically it is possible to make payments using a savings account, but savings accounts weren't designed for everyday transactions like bill payments or grocery shopping.

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need a plan?

smart budgeting guide

It doesn't matter if you're stretching your funds paycheck-to-paycheck or feeling financially comfortable - a budget is always a good idea! By creating one, you can prioritize your financial goals, track your weekly spending, actually see where your money is going, and keep yourself on track.


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