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Manage My Debt

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steps to paying down debt

Whether you’re goal-oriented and looking for a strategic plan that shows you’re on the right path or you’re the complete opposite but need answers to pay down your debt, these steps (and the accompanying  Learning & Guidance Article) will help. 


1. list out your income & monthly expenses

2. write down the total amount of debt owed

3. decide which paydown method works for you

4. make your plan & make it visible

Debt Type

what kind of debt do you have?

I have credit card debt

a balance transfer may be your solution

A balance transfer can help manage high-interest debt by shifting it to a lower-rate card. But when is the right time to do it?


I need more time…

A 0% APR* for the first 12 months, meaning you can work on paying down your debt without racking up additional interest.


I’m trying to improve my credit score

By reducing your credit utilization ratio through a balance transfer, you could improve your credit score.


I want to breathe easier with less bills

Having one consolidated bill instead of multiple can reduce stress and make budgeting easier.

I have Mortgage Debt

helpful home loan relief options

If you're feeling the weight of mortgage debt and are looking for ways to pay it down, you're not alone.  Exploring refinancing, considering a HELOC, or weighing renting vs. buying could offer you a financial lifeline.

personal loan

can a personal loan consolidate debt?

A personal loan can be a powerful tool for consolidating debt. By covering various needs from debt consolidation to home improvements, it streamlines your finances under one manageable loan. Simplify your payments and potentially lower interest rates, making financial management more straightforward.

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I have a personal loan

let's tackle it together with these steps


make a payment plan


Do Skip A-Pay with Skyla

Stay in control of your finances


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