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Don't Hesitate to Take the Leap

Switch to Skyla in 4 Easy Steps

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step 1

open your new skyla account

We offer specialized solutions to easily manage your money and make smarter plans for the future!

Already have an account with Skyla? Simply log in to Digital Banking and select Open an Account under the Accounts tab. 

I'm New Here! I Have a Skyla Account

step 2

update your direct deposit

Skyla makes payday easy! Our free service lets you easily switch your direct deposit to Skyla on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

step 3

update your payment methods

Review your current checking account statements to make a list of all your recurring payments so you don't have any missed or late payments!

step 4

close your old account

Once you're confident that any remaining transactions have been processed, recurring charges have been updated with your new account info, and your funds have been successfully transferred, complete the Account Closure Form and provide it to your previous bank or credit union to close your account. Make sure to ask for a written confirmation of the account closure for your personal records!

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our switch kit faqs

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where is the account number & routing number on my check?

when will my direct deposit start?

how do you change direct deposit for social security?

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