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Easily Move Your Money to Skyla

here's the deal

you're fed up with your current bank...

But moving your accounts and all your automatic deposits and withdrawals is just too daunting. Not anymore! We make it easy with our Switch Kit.

This free service enables you to close an account with one institution and transfer the funds to your already established account at Skyla. It also provides an easy way to switch direct deposits and automatic withdrawals.

Switch to Skyla
how it works

switching your accounts to skyla

a quick how to:

set up direct deposit

There are 2 ways to set up direct deposit to your Skyla Checking and Savings Accounts:


do it yourself

Check your employer's payroll portal - there may be a method to set up (or update) your direct deposit information!

contact your employer to change your direct deposit to Skyla

contact your employer

Download and complete the Direct Deposit form. Deliver the form to your employer and they'll handle the rest!

Download the Direct Deposit Form

Direct Deposit with Skyla Credit Union
need some help?

our switch kit faqs

do i need to have an account at skyla?

what if i have questions?

what information is needed to complete the switch kit?

where is the account number & routing number on my check?

when will my direct deposit start?

how do you change direct deposit for social security?