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Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Fixed Rates, For Sure Returns1

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guaranteed growth on your savings

Skyla’s Certificate of Deposit (CD) accounts produce a guaranteed rate of return on your savings. Get started with a minimum $500 opening deposit and choose your 6- to 60-month term. Dividends are compounded and credited monthly.

Piggy bank with space available for a CD

what to know before opening your new account

Check out some of these frequently asked questions to determine if a Certificate of Deposit (CD) account is right for you!

how do cds work?

when should i choose a cd?

are there any fees?

is there a required opening deposit?

can you add money to a cd account?

are cds insured by ncua?

CD Rates

watch your savings grow

$500 min. Deposit for a regular CD
$500 min. Deposit

regular cd accounts

6-month: 3.90% APY*
12-month: 4.10% APY*
18-month: 3.90% APY*
21-month: 4.25% APY*
24-month: 3.80% APY*
36-month: 3.75% APY*
48-month: 3.75% APY*
60-month: 3.75% APY*
senior 18-month: 3.95% APY*

$50,000 min. Deposit for a jumbo CD
$50,000 min. Deposit

jumbo cd accounts

6-month: 4.00% APY*
12-month: 4.20% APY*
18-month: 4.00% APY*
24-month: 3.90% APY*
36-month: 3.85% APY*
senior 18-month: 4.05% APY*

money markets or cds:

which account is right for you?

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certificate of deposit
money market
account is open for a specific amount of time
earns interest
insured up to $500,000 through ncua & esi
withdrawal restrictions
fees apply
6 times a month
check writing capabilities
ability to make additional deposits

ok, so here’s the fine print:

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how to open your certificate of deposit