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member perks

Special Discounts

rate discounts

special thanks for being an awesome member

We work hard to provide you with the best rates possible - but we also give an extra rate bump as a bonus thank you for being you. To learn more about these programs, stop by a branch or contact us!


member loyalty rate

You may be eligible to receive a .25% APR1 rate reduction2 on a new auto or fixed-rate personal loan!


military & first responder

As an extra special thank you, active duty, military veterans, and first responders enjoy a .35% APR1 rate reduction2 on new auto loans, HELOCs, personal loans, and lines of credit.

earn extra cash

earn up to $75 per referral!

Spread the word and get rewarded! Earn up to $753 per referral when you tell your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors... you get it... about your positive experience with Skyla today.

Start Your Referral

retailer discounts

saving you even more

cell phone protection

repair & replacement coverage

Repair or replace your damaged or lost cell phone with your Skyla Visa Platinum, Platinum Rewards, or Platinum Secured credit card! 

To be able to utilize this coverage, simply pay your monthly cell phone bill with your Skyla credit card. Coverage includes up to $250 per claim for a maximum of $500 per 12-month period.

To file a claim, call 866.894.8569 within 60 days of your loss / damage. For full details, refer to the Guide of Benefits.


ok, so here's the fine print: