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Build My Savings

Start Your Savings

ready to see your money grow?... we've got you

You've landed in the perfect spot to kick your savings into high gear! QUICK TIP: If you're new to this, don't skip Step 1 – it's where all the crucial budgeting basics live.

Step 1 - Build Your Budget

the basics of building your budget

Let’s get back to square one and learn everything under the sun about creating a budget, perfect for beginners or experienced budgeters! You can expect to:

  • Team Up: Get everyone involved on the same page.
  • Set Your Goals: What are your short and long-term financial goals?
  • Determine Your Monthly Expenses: List out every monthly expense and bill you have.
  • Map It Out: Track what comes in and goes out.
Step 2 - Start Your Base Savings

easy ways to save your money!

Dive in and unlock the secrets to building a solid financial foundation. From mastering the basics of savings to implementing effective saving strategies for future planning, we'll help you get there!


How Do I Start Saving for My Goals?

Common Saving Style Techniques

How to Choose the Best Savings Account

7 Steps to Building An Emergency Savings Fund

Are Savings Accounts Better at Credit Unions or Banks?

Step 3 - Expedite Your Growth

explore more savings options

Unlock the secrets to accelerating your financial growth and ensuring your money is safe.


what is a Certificate of Deposit Account (CDs)?

What is a Certificate of Deposit account? Here's what you need to know so you can determine if this saving option is right for you.

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what is a money market account?

Interested in getting a Money Market account but don't know what it is or if you need it?

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which is better: cd vs. mma?

Is a Certificate of Deposit better than a Money Market account? Here's the truth between the two.

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plan ahead

how much do i need for retirement?

Dreaming of a worry-free retirement but unsure how much you need to save? Here's a breakdown down the essentials of retirement planning, offering expert advice and actionable tips to secure your financial future. Discover how to calculate your retirement needs and create a saving strategy that turns your golden years into a time of joy and fulfillment.  


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