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Overdraft Protection

You're Covered with Courtesy Pay

how it works

what exactly is courtesy pay?

Courtesy Pay is a non-contractual overdraft service that provides you with an additional safety net - up to an automatically assigned overdraft limit based on your monthly deposit history. Basically, Skyla will cover your transaction even if you don't have the available funds in your account.

what does courtesy pay cover?

is there a fee?

do i have other overdraft options?

Absolutely! All of our checking accounts have overdraft protection from your savings account – with the first 6 per month free.

Do you have a Skyla credit card or line of credit? These are 2 other great options that may be less expensive than Courtesy Pay that you can utilize to protect your checking account.

Online Shopping
courtesy pay opt in

To authorize Skyla to pay everyday transactions and start utilizing Courtesy Pay, simply complete the opt-in form. 


why do i have to opt in?

Federal regulation requires you to authorize Skyla to pay everyday (one-time) debit card transactions that may overdraw your account.