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Fraud & Scam Trends

How to Identify Fake Websites

November 17th, 2023 | 3 min. read

How to Identify Fake Websites

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what are fake websites? 

A fake website is a type of deceptive online content that pretends to be a legitimate site. Its goal? To trick you into sharing personal details or making purchases. These fraudulent sites have become increasingly sophisticated, often using familiar logos or web designs, and offering enticing deals to lure you in.


what steps can i take to spot a fake website? 

Legitimate websites typically feature concise and memorable URLs. It is important to exercise caution when encountering lengthy and complex URLs that contain unusual characters.
Secure websites use 'https://', not just 'http://'. The 's' stands for secure and signifies that the website encrypts your data. 
QUICK TIP: Also look for the padded lock icon in the address bar. It means the site is secured with a digital certificate. This ensures that all data transmitted between your browser and the website is fully secured, eliminating the possibility of interception or unauthorized access while in transit.



Poor design, spelling mistakes, or grammatical errors can indicate a fake website.



Use online tools like Google Safe Browsing or Norton Safe Web to check the website's reputation.
what tools can help me verify a WEBSITE'S legitimacy? 
  •  Google Safe Browsing: This tool lets you see if a website has been flagged for phishing or distributing malware.

  • Norton Safe Web: Powered by Symantec, this tool provides safety ratings of websites based on their security and trustworthiness.
  • Whois Lookup: This tool helps you find out who owns a website. Scam websites often use private or false information. 

Venturing into the digital world can sometimes seem like navigating a minefield due to the surge of deceptive content and fake websites. At Skyla, our mission is to equip you with the knowledge needed to ensure your online safety.

Always remember that securing your online presence demands both awareness and action. By diligently applying these steps and utilizing the recommended tools, you can confidently browse and shop online, knowing your experiences are secure.

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