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Why Should I Use eStatements?

October 27th, 2023 | 2 min. read

Why Should I Use eStatements?

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bubble-viewing-online-bankibg-ipadeStatements aren't just a digital fad; they're a game-changer for your financial life. From unbeatable convenience to bolstered security and eco-friendly perks, eStatements are more than just a tech-savvy choice – they're your gateway to smarter banking.

Let's dive into the various compelling reasons that will make you wonder why you waited so long. It's time to embrace the future of finance with eStatements!


Device-Iconwhat are estatements? 

In case you're wondering what it is.... an eStatement (short for electronic statement) is a digital version of your traditional paper bank statement. It's like getting your monthly financial snapshot on your computer or smartphone screen instead of in your mailbox.

Think of it as a PDF or web-based document that shows all your account transactions, like deposits, withdrawals, and purchases, just like a paper statement would. The key difference is that it's all online, and you access it through your bank's website or app.


why should i do estatements?

it's convenient

instant access

environmental benefits

improved accuracy

enhanced security

cost savings

faster transactions

search and archive functionality

alerts & notifications

increased privacy

immediate updates

encouragement for digital literacy

what's next?skyla-article-conclusion2

Aren't eStatements great? They're not only convenient but also eco-friendly. You save paper, reduce clutter, and get quicker access to your financial info. Plus, it's often more secure, as it's password-protected and encrypted, making it harder for prying eyes to snoop on your financial business.

So, instead of waiting for that paper statement to arrive in the mail, you can log in, view, and even download your eStatement at your convenience. It's a smart move for a more modern and efficient way to keep tabs on your finances.



Hey Skyla member! Ready for immediate access to your statements? Let's get you set up for instant online viewing. It's super easy.  You can do this through the desktop or the mobile app. Here's how.

How to Enroll in eStatements


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As the Content Specialist and author of the Learning & Guidance Center, Yanna enjoys motivating others by uncovering all that's possible in the world of finance. From financial tips and tricks to ultimate guides and comparison charts, she is obsessed with finding ways to help readers excel in their journey towards financial freedom.

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