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Lower Your Monthly Payments


have an auto loan?

Refinance your existing auto loan from another financial institution with Skyla at no additional cost to you! You could get up to 1% APR1 reduction!

  • Highly competitive rates and terms
  • 100% financing for qualified borrowers
  • Automatic payment plans
Auto Loans

are you a homeowner?

Refinancing an existing mortgage to lower your interest rate and / or change the term can help lower your monthly payments. A good rule of thumb? If the total closing costs (roughly 3% of the new loan amount) can be made up in your monthly payment savings within the first 12 – 24 months of the new refi, then go for it. Not possible? Let's find another way to save you some money.

Quick example: If your closing costs are $4,800, then your new monthly payment should be at least $200 less than your current monthly mortgage payment. How did we figure that out? $200 x 24 months = $4,800. Ta da!

Open Doors
balance transfer

carrying a credit card balance?

If you’re carrying a balance on any non-Skyla credit cards, you can transfer those balances onto a Charlotte Metro Visa Platinum or Platinum Rewards credit card – for free! You’ll receive an introductory rate of 0% APR1 for the first 12-months3.

Why does that help? You won't be accruing additional interest on the transferred balances, making your payments more impactful and giving you time to create that debt paydown plan.


learning & guidance

more ways to save

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