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How Do I Choose the Right Tax Filing Status?

December 9th, 2022 | 3 min. read

How Do I Choose the Right Tax Filing Status?

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Taxes- taxes- taxes. Who's excited to do them? Not me! As I've stated in a previous taxes article, it's one of the least fun things to do as an adult (well, in my opinion anyway). But it has to be done.

You’re likely here because you need to figure out what determines your tax filing status.  Ultimately, this can determine how much taxes you pay. Whether you're single or not, your marital status on the last day of the tax year is what determines your status for the whole year.

Here's a quick review of the types of filing statuses and what to do if you were looking for professional help: 



how do i know my filing status?

There are five different statuses you can file – “Single,” “Head of Household,” “Qualifying Widow(er),” “Married Filing Jointly,” or “Married Filing Separately,” – and different tax benefits and qualifications for each. 


Head of Household

Qualifying Widow(er)

Married Filing Jointly


what IF I GOT MARRIED IN 2022?

If you just got married on or before December 31, 2022… congrats! There are a few things you should check off the list to ensure your paperwork and taxes are filed correctly.

  • Notify the IRS of any address changes. You can notify them by using Form 8822.
  • Tell your employer if you moved. This is important to make sure your W-2 is correct and is sent to the right address.
  • Report any name changes. If you took your spouse’s last name, there are a few more hoops to jump through. Since your Social Security number needs to match the name on your tax forms, make sure you tell the Social Security Administration as soon as your name changes by using the Form SS-5. The IRS will hold your tax refund until you resolve this issue.


Married Filing Separately


Membershipdo i get professional help?

I’m glad you asked! A quick Google search told me there are no less than 26,000 results when I searched “Help Filing Taxes + Charlotte, NC.” Well, that’s just plain daunting… There are obviously a lot of resources available and organizations that provide tax help, but generally, there are two standard routes to take: 



do you know your filing status now? skyla-article-conclusion2

Now that you know the different filing statuses, do you know which status to file under? The cool thing is when you file your taxes to the IRS, they have up-to-date technology to catch most mistakes or incorrect information made on a tax return. But if you make a mistake filing, you can amend it using Form 1040-X.  Learn more about this form here>.

Want to know more about filing your 2022 taxes? Here's what you need to know

What Do I Need to Know About Filing My 2022 Taxes


If you’re still having trouble trying to determine how you should file, check out this IRS interactive tool on how you should file - Pssst... it should take about 5 minutes. Taxes can be confusing that's why there are professionals who are willing and able to help. Contact a tax professional if you have any doubts or questions about your taxes. And, if you're looking for a sweet Tax Software discount, check out Skyla's partnership with TurboTax and H&R Block!

Tax Discounts




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