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august 7, 2023

Parsons FCU & Skyla have Merged!

Welcome Kit Helpful Checklists


registration for Skyla's Digital Banking is open!


so what comes next?

We’re working hard to finalize the last few details that’ll make the transition from Parsons FCU to Skyla as smooth as possible for you! We’ll start to send you account-specific information in July, so be on the lookout. Here's what you can expect:


cards reissued

July 18, 2023

All cardholders will be mailed new Skyla cards on Tuesday, July 18. If you’re a cardholder and have not yet received your new Skyla card by Wednesday, August 2, visit our Cards page to notify our staff.


welcome kits


Skyla Welcome Kits will be sent (by mail or email) to Parsons FCU members and include account-specific details, upcoming changes, and checklists to prepare. 


account downtime

August 4 @ 12 pm PST - Monday, August 7

During the conversion weekend, you won’t be able to access your accounts via Online or Mobile Banking and we will not be able to view your accounts if you call in either


Digital Enrollment

August 7, 2023

Enrollment in Skyla’s Digital Banking opens and you'll be able to view all of your account details as a Skyla member. 

Skyla Parsons FCU Logo - Full Color

existing parsons fcu members

As updates continue to roll in, we'll be adding to this page regularly to ensure you stay in the know! Check out the helpful info below and - if you don't see an answer to one of your questions - submit it in the form at the bottom of the page!

We appreciate your patience and are looking forward to serving you!


"what will happen to my account & routing numbers?"



will my member account number change?

where can i find my account number?

do i have to order new checks?

can i still use shared branching?

will my deposits still be insured?

how can i access online banking?

parsons fcu faqs

"what happens to my existing cds?" 

what will happen to my rate and term?

what happens to my maturity date?

do i need to do anything to transfer to skyla?

parsons fcu faqs

"what will happen to my direct deposit?"

If your Direct Deposits are set up using your account and routing numbers, then you don’t need to worry – these will automatically transition over to your new Skyla account(s).

Any new Direct Deposits you set up after August 7th should use Skyla’s Routing Number and your Skyla Account Number. You can find your account number by logging in to Skyla's Digital Banking and selecting the respective account. Then, tap the Account Details tab (Show Details if you’re on the Mobile App) to find your account number.


"what will happen to my transfers & payments?"


what will happen to my direct deposit?

what happens to my bill pay / ach?

can i still do mobile deposit?

will my payment amount or due date change?

who will i mail my payments to?

can i still use zelle®

how can i make loan payments?


"what will happen to my loans?"


what if my payment is due during the transition?

how can i make a loan payment?

will my loan account number change?

will i still have the member plus+ discount?

will i have the same rate, term, & due date?


"what happens to the parsons fcu branches?"

Open Sign Circle

will the parsons fcu branches remain open?

what happens to the existing parsons fcu employees?

what happens to the parsons fcu board?

can i still use shared branching?

where are the skyla branches located?


"do i still have access to co-op shared branching?"


what can i do at a shared branch?

where can i find a shared branch location?

how else can i withdraw money?

do i have other banking options?


"will my account have a new name?"

Just wanted to give you a heads up that all of your accounts at Parsons FCU will remain open. However, we will be making some changes to the account names. If you notice your account type listed on the chart below, it means that your account name will be changing.

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Parsons FCU Name
New Skyla Name
Savings Accounts
Regular Savings
Primary Savings
Kids Club
Primary Savings
Checking Accounts
Kasasa Cash or Cash Back
Please refer to your Welcome Letter with account changes
Credit Cards
Visa Classic
Visa Platinum Fixed
Visa Platinum
Visa Platinum Rewards
Visa Business
Business Visa Platinum
Visa Gold
Visa Platinum Rewards Fixed
Visa Professional
Visa Platinum Fixed
Visa Gold Lite
Visa Platinum Fixed

"i have a question about the merge..."

why are we merging?

how will this benefit me?

who is skyla?

will you continue to service Parsons Corporation employees?

is the merged credit union going to have a new name?

skyla-logo-horiz-tagline-full-color-rgb-663px@144ppiexisting skyla members

As a Skyla member, your account numbers and routing number will stay exactly the same throughout the merge!

who is parsons fcu?

how will this benefit me?

why are we merging?

will we have to rename again?

will anything happen to the skyla staff?


contact us

You’re very important to us and our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible for you. We are anticipating a much higher-than-normal call volume immediately following the conversion.

Our Contact Center is ramped up and ready and we want to ensure all your questions are answered. That means our call times will also be longer, so – again – we appreciate your patience. The good news is that you’ll now have 24 / 7 Contact Center access, enabling you to call at non-peak times for a shorter wait.

We’re excited to grow with you!

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