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Exciting News

Parsons FCU & Skyla are Merging in 2023!

welcome Parsons FCU Members!

a brighter future awaits

Recognizing the advantages and the many benefits that would flow to the membership, the Parsons Federal Credit Union (Parsons FCU) Board of Directors unanimously agreed to pursue an opportunity to merge with Skyla Federal Credit Union (Skyla). After NCUA’s approval, members of Parsons FCU were asked to cast their vote for or against the merger. We’re excited to announce that the membership has voted in favor of the merger and the merger has been approved!


so what comes next?


frequently asked questions

Welcome, Parsons Federal Credit Union members! We're excited to announce the vote to merge Parsons FCU and Skyla Credit Union was approved. Here's what comes next:

existing parsons fcu members

Once we combine member records via Parsons FCU's core conversion, there will be some simple changes to your accounts and digital banking logins. But don't worry, we'll give you plenty of notice before any changes take place in August 2023!

why are we merging?

how will this benefit me?

who is skyla?

will you continue to service Parsons Corporation employees?

will the parsons fcu offices remain open?

what happens to the parsons fcu employees?

what happens to the parsons fcu board?

is the merged credit union going to have a new name?

what if i have more questions?

skyla-logo-horiz-tagline-full-color-rgb-663px@144ppiexisting skyla members

As a Skyla member, your account numbers and routing number will stay exactly the same throughout the merge!

who is parsons?

how will this benefit me?

why are we merging?

will we have to rename?

will anything happen to the skyla staff?